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101 Professions of Love

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101 Professions of Love is an anthology of beautifully written poetry.It shines a blinding light on the many ways we express, and as the title implies, "profess" our love for one another.It digs up and presents to the reader the treasure of the many forms that love takes: young love, old love, loss of love, love of mother, love of father, falling in and out of love, hopeful love, lust, undying love, and the list seems endless. 101 Professions of Love tells stories and tales which many of us can relate to;there is a love poem for everyone.This book is meant to feed not only the mind, but ultimately the soul. Read on until your soul is full!Fill another soul from not only your overflow, but also your enlightened and awakened understanding of the many facades of love. You have in your possession a golden treasure, it's as a pearl found in the depths of the ocean.Let your imagination take you around this world of love a hundred and one times, in a hundred and one ways!    



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