Our Story


Just a bunch of average, trendy, fashionable, well-fitted, over the top, fun-loving people that came together to bring you all your trending fashion needs in one place!

Who are We?

"Straight from yaad now inna foreign", as they would say back in my hometown of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Our team and original founders, including myself, started out comprised of full blown Jamaicans. Well now our team has grown into a full melting pot of like-minded people from around the world, we even have an Aussie in the house! We strive each and every day to make Trend Setta Shop a name to be known in the apparel world and we are happy to now make the move to the online world. We hope we can grow together! Stay forever Trendy!

The Mission

The mission? Simple, to make you a Trend Setta. As the name of our store implies, we are here only to bring the latest and most unique apparel trends straight to our customers' doorsteps with a few clicks of the mouse. Our team strives to find the latest happenings, both international and domestic, in the vast apparel industry and simmer it down into edible bits so you will be in the trend as quickly as possible. We enjoy each and every new trend that we can help you get in form with or rediscover.


It is no secret that social media as taken over this new age. Almost every aspect of what's happening in the world today can be simply be found by just login in to facebook... twitter,...instagram.. snapchat... yea yea I can go on all day with social media outlets but lets digress. To make it short, in the age that we are in now finding any information about a certain topic is simply a click away. Our team works hard by delving even deeper than just clicking a few links on facebook, we go the extra mile by scraping each and every inch of the internet, social media platforms, fashion newspapers, fashion news outlets, any and every fashion source we can find until we can say YES! that is a trend our friends at Trend Setta Shop will love to be in.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a large assortment of apparel products that range from T-shirts and hats to jewelry and sunglasses. Trend Setta Shop Partnered listings include nightlife and club apparel, with a focus on Dancehall apparel. Products that are on our storefront, excluding our own personal branded items, are garnered from different manufacturers both domestically and internationally. We seek to offer you the most up to date fashion trends. It doesn't matter if you're looking to go out for date night or tun up at the club, Trend Setta Shop will have all your fashion needs in one place.



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